Dive Master

Become a dive leader with the Dive Master certification. Learn leadership skills, group management and diving safety. Open the doors to exciting career opportunities in the world of diving.

Number of dives: 20 LFS-DVMST Duration: 12 days Number of sessions: 12

The Dive Master is the gateway to the professional world of diving. During this course, you will acquire in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of diving, and you will develop leadership and group management skills.

As a Dive Master, you will be the link between the instructors and the divers. You will learn to guide dives safely, to help divers in their equipment and to solve emergency situations underwater. In addition, you will acquire orientation and underwater navigation skills.

The Dive Master course also gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience through supervised internships and attendance at diving courses. You will be an integral part of a diving team, participating in the organization and planning of dives.

The Dive Master certification is the first step in a professional diving career, and will open doors for you to work in dive centers and live your passion for diving full time. It is a challenging course, but also a rewarding one, as it will allow you to share your love of diving with others and guide them in their exploration of the underwater world.

Join us at Lionfish Scuba and become a certified Dive Master. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience and prepare to embark on an exciting career in the world of diving.

Discover the freedom of living and working in the ocean and share your passion for diving with other divers!


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Important: We want to remind you that to enter the marina, it is necessary to make a payment of $11,000 COP per day per person. This cost is independent of the diving services we offer. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to contact us for more details about the entrance process and to enjoy an incredible diving experience with us at the marina.

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