Freediving Instructor

Become a certified Free Scuba Instructor and share your passion for barefoot diving. Teach breathing techniques and buoyancy control as you explore the underwater world.

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The Lung Scuba Instructor offers you the opportunity to share your passion for diving and teach others to explore the fascinating underwater world without the need for autonomous scuba equipment. During this course, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a certified freediving instructor.

As an instructor, you will be responsible for teaching theoretical and practical classes, guiding dives and evaluating the progress of your students. You will learn to teach proper freediving breathing and buoyancy control techniques, as well as safety precautions and necessary emergency measures.

In addition, you will develop effective communication and leadership skills, and you will learn to adapt your teachings to different levels of experience and learning styles. You will be able to transmit your passion for freediving to your students and give them an unforgettable experience in the underwater world.

The Lung Scuba Instructor certification will open the doors to exciting professional opportunities in dive centers and tourist destinations around the world. You will be able to teach people of all ages and help them discover the beauty and serenity of freediving.

Join us at Lionfish Scuba and become a certified Free Lung Instructor. Live your passion for diving and share the underwater world with others in a unique and exciting way.

Dive into this adventure and make a difference in the lives of your students as a freediving instructor!


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Important: We want to remind you that to enter the marina, it is necessary to make a payment of $11,000 COP per day per person. This cost is independent of the diving services we offer. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to contact us for more details about the entrance process and to enjoy an incredible diving experience with us at the marina.

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