Discover the underwater world with our exciting snorkeling. Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and admire marine life in its natural habitat. An experience of adventure and aquatic beauty awaits you!

Number of dives: 2 LFS-SNRKL Duration: 4 hours Number of sessions: 1

$ 150.000

Clear dates

Explore the wonders of the underwater world with our complete snorkeling experience. Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and discover the beauty of coral reefs, tropical fish and other fascinating marine creatures. Our expert guides will teach you proper snorkeling techniques, from breathing to using your fins. Enjoy a safe and exciting experience as you glide over the water, admiring the explosion of colors and the vibrant life below the surface. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or experienced, snorkeling is an activity for all ages and skill levels.

Come and immerse yourself in an aquatic adventure that will leave you amazed!


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Important: We want to remind you that to enter the marina, it is necessary to make a payment of $11,000 COP per day per person. This cost is independent of the diving services we offer. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to contact us for more details about the entrance process and to enjoy an incredible diving experience with us at the marina.

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